Creating a greener office.

Here at DNS we understand that people still need to use their office supplies despite the need to be sustainable and environmentally friendly too. So we are not only ensuring that as a business we are putting the environment first by of setting our carbon, reducing our print usage, recycling and reducing overall wastage. We are also offering our customers the option to offset the carbon of any solutions we supply, meaning that they can be rest assured that their new equipment will be having little impact on the environment.

Carbon Neutral

We are proud that DNS
is a carbon neutral

Tree Planting

We are assisting the planting
of trees within

Helping Our Customers

We are offsetting
carbon within the solutions
we supply

Reducing Waste

We are dedicated to
reducing waste within office environments

More Work. Less Energy.

As a proud Xerox partner, here are DNS we are delighted to be able to offer cutting-edge printing solutions that are also sustainable and efficient. Xerox is accelerating its pursuit of net-zero goals and continually raising the bar with increasingly ambitious environmental targets annually, ensuring that their solutions are becoming greener and greener. 

We understand our customers desire to reduce their environmental footprint, decrease carbon emissions, and strive for offices that are more sustainable (without reducing quality or productivity!) 

The DNS Team are here to help our customers do just that!