Print Management Software (such as Xerox Workplace Cloud) allows your business to take full control of its printer or multifunctional device by allowing for securely released prints & closely monitored usage.

What is Print Management?

Print management software optimises and controls a businesses printing resources, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing security. It includes features like print job tracking, user authentication, and centralised control over printers. This approach streamlines printing processes, minimises waste, and increases productivity, making it valuable for businesses seeking cost-effective printing solutions.

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Accounting & reporting made easier with Print Management

The Xerox Workplace Cloud gives the ability to consolidate reporting in order to closely monitor print across the whole business. Including monthly usages, implementation of print limits and the ability to use project codes for rebuilding purposes. Meaning that businesses know exactly what their print environment entails and can have full control over it. 

Authentication, Access control & mobile Printing

From card based authentication, to pin or mobile release using the Xerox Workplace Mobile App, you can be sure that you are in control of your prints. Authentication release guarantees that confidential and private prints are not left on the output tray. Also no more printing by mistake, view and release the prints you definitely need – less consumable & paper wastage! 

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