Choosing the right Production printer

With many different Productions Printers on the market it might seem daunting deciding which one will best fit your businesses needs. From print speed to paper size or finishing capabilities there is a lot to take into consideration. Here are some things to think about:

What is a Production Printer?

A production printer is a high quality and printer solution that is commonly used to produce marketing communications, brochures, point of sales materials, booklets and more. 

What are the advantages of using a Production printer?

There are many advantages of using a Production Printer, first of all if you are outsourcing your marketing materials you can bring it in house to have more control over cost and timings – No more having to hit printer deadlines! And not to mention the ability to ensure your designs and documents are kept confidential. A production device also guarantees a higher image quality in comparison to multifunctional or standard office printers therefore it is perfect for marketing communications. 

What types of Production printers are out there?

When you are deciding what which multifunctional print is right for your business there are many things to consider.


A laser printer uses tiny ink particles in a powder form (known as toner) once heated these particles fuse with the paper fibres and produce your print. This type of print produces a high quality documents perfect for marketing communications.  


An inkjet printer uses liquid ink and can be very cost effective for businesses that are printing high volumes of transactional documents (such as bills or letters). However, they are less effective when printing point of sales or marketing communications as the colours tend to be less vibrant and isn’t waterproof (therefore, could run!) 


Lithographic printing (litho for short) transfers an image to a printing plate in order for it to be covered with water and an oil-based ink which is then used for printing. It is commonly used for printing booklets or catalogues as these require repetitive images/text. However the downside to this printing process is the fact that you cannot customise or personalise prints as well as this, set up time is a lot longer than a digital printer and it takes great skill to ensure the inks are mixed precisely and in the correct order.

What colours does a production printer print?

As well as the standard cyan, magenta, yellow and black, Xerox technology now brings the opportunity to print shiny metallics, bold whites and glowing fluorescents with the Xerox Adaptive CMYK+ Kit. 


CMYK Plus Technology gives the ability to produce Vivid and Fluorescent Speciality Toners add gold, silver, white, clear, or fluorescent cyan, fluorescent magenta and fluorescent yellow to your artwork. Only with Xerox can you quickly swap from CMYK to speciality colours without using a single tool and swap right back again! 

The Vivid Kit

The Vivid Kit includes a versatile White Toner, shimmering Gold and Silver Tones (perfect for adding elegance to your prints, and not forgetting a clear toner too. 

The Fluorescent Kit

The Fluorescent Kit includes bright Cyan, Magenta and yellow toners that really POP! Meaning that you can create eye-catching and exciting designs that won’t lose impact when printed.

Production Printer Xerox Versant 180 press
Xerox Primelink Production Printer


CMYK colour droplets

The Vivid Kit.

CMYK Vivid Kit Colour droplets (white, gold, silver, grey)

The Fluorescent Kit.

CMYK florescent kit, (black, blue, pink, yellow)

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