Despite the world becoming more and more digital by the day, we know that there is still a need to print from many industries. Sufficient print management software can help to solve part of the problem however we need to give back more than is taken away when somebody presses print. That is where Forest Positive Printing comes into place!

How does Forest Positive Printing Work?

We know that just reducing waste isn’t enough anymore, we need to flip the negative impact of printing around and ensure it is having a positive effect on the environment instead.


30% of log trees are used to make paper products, albeit business paper usage has decreased it is still very much necessary. Therefore, we must ensure that we are forest positive by planting more trees than those that are being used for printing.  

Trees and paper cartoon

Positive for business.
Positive for the planet.

Would you like to ensure your printing is helping the environment rather than hindering it? With our sustainability solution, you can transforms you printing to ensure it is Forest Positive. Available with Papercut MF & PaperCut Hive solutions, this tool converts your printed documents into planted trees. 

Trees are crucial in the battle against climate change because they absorb carbon dioxide, a major contributor to global warming. They act like natural air filters, taking in CO2 and storing it in their trunks and leaves, which reduces the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, helping to cool the planet. Additionally, trees release oxygen, support diverse ecosystems, and enhance soil health. 

Reduce print and
paper waste

Help deforestation
and renew forests

Reduce negative environmental impact 

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