VeloBlade Volta digital cutting table

What is a VeloBlade Volta digital cutting table?

The VeloBlade Volta digital cutting table is a cutting-edge solutions designed for precise, efficient & versatile cutting in various industries. These tables combine advanced technology with user-friendly features, allowing for accurate cutting of a wide range of materials, including paper, cardboard, textiles, and more. 

They offer versatility and precision, making them a valuable asset for industries such as packaging, signage, and textiles, where precision cutting is crucial for success.

Increase your creative ability With a VeloBlade Volta digital cutting table

Leave your VeloBlade to produce your packaging, POS, labels, boxes and much more, whilst you and your team dedicate time elsewhere. Use QR Codes on your artwork, to complete multiple jobs simultaneously as the Veloblade will determine the cuts, creases and perforations you require, sheet by sheet, job by job, automatically. 

Perfect for any job.

The VeloBlade Volta digital cutting table is available in 2mm and up to 10mm cut depths, perfect for any job. Alongside, intricate cutting, creasing, perforating, half-cut engraving and much more, the product possibilities are endless!

VeloBlade Volta digital cutting tables close up

Take a look at some More benefits of the VeloBlade:

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Gain a complete
view of your IT infrastructure

Protect your business and keep it safe & secure

Take pressure off your internal 

Optimise your network & increase efficiency 

Keep documents backed up & never lose a thing 

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Save money on outsourcing

Offer more to your customers

Save time with automated finishing 

Boost in-house productivity