How to choose the right Multifunctional printer?

Struggling with finding the right Multifunctional Printer for your business? With many different Multifunctional Printers on the market it might seem daunting deciding which one will best fit your needs best. From print speed to paper size or finishing capabilities there is a lot to take into consideration. Here are some things to think about:

What is a Multifunctional Printer?

Multifunctional Printers integrate a variety of functions in one from printing, copying and scanning as well the ability to receive faxes and convert them to email. They also have the ability to use cloud based services and apps meaning just one MFP can transform your working environment. They are designed to increase productivity, reduce costs and also save office space. They can be purchased both outright or leased. You can also purchase a variety of accessories and finishers to them.

What are the advantages of using a multifunctional printer?

There are many advantages of using a Multifunctional Printer, first of all you are incorporating many different functions into just one device which means you save on office space, as you won’t need an additional scanner, fax machine or even a filing system.

It is also convenient to have all these functions in one place and not dotted around an office. In terms of speed a MFP does not only print fast (from 20 – 100 pages per minute) but their scan speeds are rapid too due to duplex scanning. A duplex scanner automatically scans a sheet of paper on both sides which means it takes half the amount of time.

With an MFP you can also take advantage of using a card to securely release your prints – no more printing and hunting for your documents in a stack of paper. Print from wherever you like and collect when it’s convenient for you!

What types of multifunction printers are out there?

When you are deciding what which multifunctional print is right for your business there are many things to consider.

Colour or Mono?

First of all deciding whether you need colour or monochrome prints, mono are typically lower cost than colour as they just use one black cartridge where as a colour device will use: cyan, yellow, magenta and black. However, many businesses would prefer to use colour in order to ensure their branding is prominent. 

Inkjet or laser?

An inkjet printer uses liquid ink cartridges and can be very expensive for businesses that are printing high volumes of jobs. Whereas, laser printers use cost-effective toner cartridges and offer high-volume printing at fast speeds which helps a fast paced office, in turn saving on time waiting for prints.

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