Matrix Metallic - Digital foiling and laminating system

What is a Digital foiling and laminating system.

A digital foiling and laminating system is a specialised printing and finishing technology that enhances the visual appeal and durability of printed materials. It combines digital printing with foiling and laminating capabilities. Foiling adds metallic or holographic effects to specific areas of a document, while laminating provides a protective layer, improving durability and appearance. These systems offer precise, on-demand customisation for marketing materials, business cards, packaging, and more.

Be your own print specialist.

The award winning Matrix machines are designed by Vivid themselves. This digital foiling and laminating system offers both single and double-sided laminating enabling you to bring high quality finishing in-house, guaranteeing a great return on investment (1p per SRA3!).

The optional Omni-Flow Feeder can be fitted to the full pneumatic range of Matrix MX-370 and MX-530 Laminating Systems and completely automate your print finishing workflow.

Prints can be loaded ‘on the run’ for non-stop operation. Aimed at the digital/commercial markets, short-to-mid run business cards, menus, book covers, bespoke prints and more can all be finished faster.

Faultless foiling & special effects with a Digital foiling and laminating system.

The pneumatic pump allows the rollers to apply the perfect amount of pressure onto your media, ensuring that all finishes are identical (& perfect!). Alongside anti-curl technology to ensure that whatever you laminate comes out flat with no curl or uplift.

Packaging in the shape of a box with metalic foiling made with a Digital foiling and laminating system

Discover More benefits.

Save money on outsourcing

Offer more to your customers

Save time with automated finishing 

Boost in-house productivity