Encryption is a critical component of a robust cybersecurity strategy for businesses. It not only protects sensitive data but also helps businesses comply with regulations, build trust, and adapt to evolving security challenges in the digital age.

What is Encryption?

This is the process of converting plaintext (readable data) into a coded form (ciphertext) by using different mathematic algorithms and keys. It is used to protect confidential or sensitive information while it is either being stored or processed.


Encryption is most effective when it is used with another security measure therefore it is imperative that your business has a robust security strategy to keep your business data and network as safe as possible.

Still not sold on the benefits of Encryption? Here are the some more advantages:

Discover More benefits.

Gain a complete
view of your IT infrastructure

Protect your business and keep it safe & secure

Take pressure off your internal 

Optimise your network & increase efficiency 

Keep documents backed up & never lose a thing 

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