Empower your businesses print decisions by gaining an insight into your printing trends. Intuitive Business Intelligence (BI) for PaperCut ensures that you are optimising print-related costs, improving efficiencies and reducing environmental impact. 

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What is business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the processes, technologies, and tools that a business can use to gather data. The goal of BI is to transform raw data into insights that can be used in strategic or tactical business decisions.

What is intuitive bi for papercut?

Intuitive for PaperCut is a pre-integrated Business Intelligence tool that uses easy to read dashboards for a straightforward way to visualise data within your PaperCut MF and PaperCut Hive system. 

How does IT work?

The Intuitive BI for PaperCut solution works by collecting, storing, processing, and presenting print data to help organisations make informed decisions. In particular, Intuitive enables businesses to gain a better understanding of print trends and activities within the business, may that be down to office location, department or individual user.  Overall, the goal of intuitive business intelligence is to ensure organisations can to make data-driven decisions about their printing activities by providing easy-to-use tools that offer clear and actionable insights.

What are the benefits of Intuitive business intelligence?

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Easier management and monitoring 

Protect and control your print environment

Better cost control monitoring 

Increase & improve productivity & output

Reduce environmental impact 

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