Xerox ConnectKey Technology has been developed to offer businesses the ability to streamline workflows, create electronic documents, print from the cloud and optimise apps to replace time consuming tasks and processes.

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Turn your printer into a workplace assistant.

With the office and working environment continuously advancing, we thought it was only right that your printer evolves too. Gone are the days where your printer was just sat in the corner of the room to print, copy or scan your documents – it is now a part of the workforce!

With Xerox ConnectKey Technology you have the ability to do so much more, from apps to translate documents, scan to the cloud facilities and even the ability to track the status of consumable orders…  the possibilities are endless. 

We know that the apps you need today may not be the ones you need in the future therefore we can edit, amend and customise your interface whenever your requirements change.  


Speed up business processes with xerox connect key technology.

By adding mobile and cloud capabilities to your printer it makes it easier for your team to work on the go, from anywhere, using a variety of devices.  

From converting physical documents into easily accessible cloud-based ones, to using your phone as a scanner and also having the ability to locate and print documents on demand. ConnectKey Technology ensures your workforce can get more done and boost their productivity. 


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Boost your productivity & efficiency

Customise apps depending on your requirements

Touch, swipe & scroll on the tablet-like interface

Manage, print,
scan and share from the cloud

accessibility for your

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