The Xerox Workflow Central offering has been developed to offer businesses the ability to become more efficient and flexible. With the power to overcome everyday work day challenges your team are able to do boost productivity. Stop everyday obstacles hindering your progress, consuming valuable time and diverting your attention from what truly counts within your business!

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Solving everyday challenges with xerox workflow central.

Convert to Audio
Easily convert image & text files into audio so that you can listen on the go!

Set certain words, phrases or numbers to automatically redact or be removed from printed documents.

Convert handwritten notes into editable and shareable digital files quickly and easily with a simple picture.

Sum up your extensive documents into easy to digest information.

Translate hard copy documents into a variety of different languages with just the click of a button.

Convert to MS Office
Upload and convert documents to an editable Microsoft file (.doc, .ppt, .xls)

Easily merge up to 5 documents or images together into one sharable document.

The Flexible workForce is here to stay.

Xerox Workflow Central offers seamless and secure productivity from wherever you are. This cloud solution means you can keep work flowing at all times which is Ideal for on-the-go employees that work across various devices and document types.

Discover More benefits.

Boost your productivity & efficiency

Use all apps
on multiple

Adhere to GDPR compliency & be secure 

Become a
 fully flexible

Increase accessibility for your customers and employees

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