Allow users to take advantage of high quality and secure printing by implementing a pay as you go printing solution on your multifunction device. Don’t worry this hassle free solution can be easily monitored by you online and maintained by our print experts.

What is pay as you go printing?

Pay as you go printing is a print solution where individuals are charged based on the pages they print – It gives customers the ability to print from public devices securely by using their smartphone! Any documents that are stored in cloud environments (such as Office 365, One Drive, Dropbox, iCloud or Google Drive) can be printed onto a multifunctional device securely with a few taps on your screen. The user can then pay with contactless, cash or even coins only – a hassle free way to access printed or scanned documents.  

Sales from the machine can be easily checked within an online dashboard so you always have site of what is happening with the MFD.

What are the benefits for businesses?

What industries can benefit from of Pay as you go printing?

Discover More benefits.

Easier management and monitoring 

Protect and control your print environment

Better cost control monitoring 

Increase & improve productivity & output

Reduce environmental impact 

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