Magnum finisher offering Cut, Crease, Perf & Fold system

What is a Mangnum finisher?

The Magnum Finisher series provides digital and commercial printers with the capability to complete print tasks in-house, precisely catering to the needs of Matrix systems and any digital printing setting. Featuring patented technology and innovative progressive functions, Magnum ensures user-friendly and accurate operation.

Wave goodbye to outsourcing with a Magnum finisher.

Having the ability to make leaflets, business cards, menus and lots more means that you get perfect products at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing. There is also the option to opt for fully or semi-automated meaning that you are able to take on more jobs and finish them quicker than ever before.

Advanced technology. Increased Productivity.

Giving users the ability to complete jobs on-demand in-house and is perfect in all digital print environments enables to take control of their print finishing and increase their productivity. The patented technology and advanced progressive features are designed to make operations both straightforward and precise, the magnum range will increase your efficiency!

Linear Cutting – This is essential for creating finished and neatly trimmed printed products like brochures, flyers, or other marketing materials in a production environment.

Creasing –  Creasing is commonly used for applications such as brochures, greeting cards, packaging, and any printed materials that need to be folded. It ensures a professional and clean fold, improving the overall quality of the finished product in production print.

Perfing – This is commonly used on tickets, coupons, tear-off forms, and any printed items that need to have detachable portions. Perforating enhances the functionality and convenience of printed materials by enabling easy and clean tear-offs, increasing their usability for the end-users

Folding – Consistently fold printed materials such as brochures. pamphlets or newsletters automatically and with precision. 

Magnum black prints with gold lettering

Discover More benefits.

Save money on outsourcing

Offer more to your customers 

Save time with automated finishing 

Boost in-house productivity