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Account Manager Hugh, implemented a new fully Managed Printing Service to help Postworks take back control of their printing environment!

Company history

Founded in 2015




Postworks provides a cloud-based platform that allows SME’s to  send and receive post digitally. Their customers have a varied range of critical business and marketing letters that they upload to Postworks. Many of these are important documents that may have financial penalties for their customers – such as those in regulatory industries if timescales are not met    

“If systems were to fail, customers will lose the visibility of their critical business communications.”

Therefore, it is vital that they are able to seamlessly print and post letters with no  disruption or downtime. 

We’re going to need a bigger boat


Postworks had grown and subsequently were nearing capacity, they needed to purchase new production machines to fulfil their customers needs.

Their current supplier seemed more interested in shifting boxes than providing solutions, the customer experience was disjointed, and the team felt the supplier always ducked responsibility for ongoing issues.    

It just so happened that Postworks had previously been introduced to the team here at DNS when we were looking for a Hybrid Mail solution.

Is this going to work out?

Like with many things we change there are always going to be concerns and the DNS and Postworks partnership was no different.

Postworks had initial apprehensions around working with a company that wasn’t a direct manufacturer. Were DNS going to have less empowerment when it came to service escalations? Were they going to provide a lesser service to what we are used to?

However, these concerns were soon overcome.

“Due to the fact that DNS are a concessionaire and not the manufacturer – it is much easier to come direct to DNS for any questions or escalations needed – it’s actually a benefit dealing with DNS than it would be working with the manufacturer.” –  Marvee-Lisa Booker

Working together to achieve business goals


DNS have since helped Postworks to increase their Gross Profit margin, which was a key goal that they wanted to achieve. As well as this, downtime was decreased whilst efficiencies subsequently increased.

Using a consultative approach, DNS also helped Postworks make more informed investments within the business – this has really helped the team, especially in terms of disaster recovery and resilience.