Nottingham Forest Ground

We have been delighted with our DNS partnership. The club now has direction & delivery on all document processes with a clear road map for the foreseeable future. DNS have delivered above & beyond what they promised. We have no hesitation in recommending DNS as a trusted supplier & business partner."


Nottingham Forest Football Club is an association football club founded 157 years ago.

The club compete in the Premier League, the first tier of the English football league system.

On 18 May 2017, Evangelos Marinakis completed his takeover of Nottingham Forest & since 21 September 2021, Steve Cooper has been the men’s first team manager.

Company history

Since being founded in 1965, Forest have won one League title, two FA Cups, four League Cups, one FA Charity Shield, two European Cups, and one UEFA Super Cup.


Since 1898 the club has played their home games at the City Ground, West Bridgeford, on the banks of the River Trent. Since 1994 the City Ground has been all-seater, a preparation that was made in time for the ground to be a venue for Euro 96, and currently has a capacity of 30,445.


The football clubs board had a clear plan on and off the pitch to get the team back into the Premier League as swiftly as possible.

Document Network Services engaged with the club during the 2021 2022 pre-season.

Our first action was to understand the club’s ultimate needs, aims and current issues relating to their document process & digital transformation plans.

Having completed these discussions, the first stage was a review of all current contracts & equipment, including a site walk to establish latest locations.

This review included a calculation of production volumes digital plus actual, along with the facilities available and how effectively they met the clubs’ ultimate aims.

The report was extensive, but in summary the conclusion was reached that the current facilities were erratic, poorly maintained, unsuitable for need, unnecessarily repetitive, and impossible to manage efficiently.

The production costs were expensive and unrestricted, which the incumbent providers appeared to encourage, while reporting channels were sparse at best and non-existent at worst.

Document information security met the revised GDPR requirements, but there were genuine concerns over the ability to continue that compliance and meet the continuously changing network defences needed against ever evolving cyber-attacks.

There were also environmental concerns on both paper and electrical usage plus the recycling of waste product produced from document processes.


The most crucial part of the solution was to ensure we utilised the latest document workflow technologies imparting quality rather than quantity.

Fewer centralised stations is not a recent concept, but the new technology implemented within them meant all aspects of a responsible, efficient, controlled and transparent document workflow practise could be meet.

Once the DNS evaluation team had mapped the current profile including location, specifications, cost, performance & contractual position we could compile a solution that not only met the needs of the users, but also maximised efficiency in communication and document workflow.

We identified how the organisation could save time, money & reduce its carbon footprint in numerous areas, while also improving the image the club portrayed literally in print, practically in operation & environmentally with significant CO2 reductions.


The new fleet & software provided the following:

  • Secure single sign on via card or mobile allowed print release reducing waste, boosting data security, and increasing staff mobility on-site with facilities plus jobs only accessed & released when users authenticate themselves at the workstation of choice.
  • Full visibility of document movement and production across the fleet, allowed Forest to monitor all traffic, by user & unit ensuring allocated funds were being managed more effectively.
  • Vastly improved scanning functionality meant documents are now easily digitised, allowing the data they contain to be instantly accessed, actioned, and stored within the business network either onsite or in the cloud. With the OCR capability of the new equipment’s Apps driven profile build, it allowed search modes of just one word and all documents containing that word will be provided in seconds.
  • The App technology also allows the club & DNS to build bespoke workflows saving many wasted working hours and ensuring human error is reduced to an absolute minimum.
  • Nottingham Forest takes their environmental responsibilities very seriously and now they have products use fully recyclable parts and toners. The DNS ECO App provides the facility to recycle all toners and parts, quickly and efficiently, reducing not only the clubs carbon footprint on consumables but also via the method in in when & how they are collected.
  • Access to the equipment can be done on screen or via a mobile phone App, providing complete safety of use without the need to sanitise screens in the post COVID workplace.
  • In addition to the standard automatic meter readings and automated toner ordering, personnel can now track & trace consumables from the device directly via the Track & Trace App. This reduces time spent trawling through portals as the App information is specific to that device and be it accessed at the workstation or from the network cuts through hours of time monitoring, as well.

We ensured that the above a seamless transition with minimal fuss or investment of time from the football club.

We would very much like solve business process problems for all other businesses in the area, please contact us you will not be disappointed.