NCS Trade Signs Singage

What started as a quick meeting about our copier contracts, has turned into an important and valuable business relationship with DNS. Our account manager Elliott has always searched for new ways to innovate our technology requirements, this coupled with reliable products and solutions, and finished off with an ever-dependable support offering has kept us more than content. We can certainly rely on DNS! "


Since forming back in 1989, NCS have grown expeditiously. Now with over 55 employees and rapidly expanding, NCS Trade Signs are one of the UK’s largest trade sign providers. Through their long-standing relationships, they provide signs to some of the most well-known fast-food restaurants, car garages & shopping outlets both in the UK and Europe.

Company history

The company was initially called Trubros and was formed in 1977, however in 1989 NCS Trade Signs was Formed in 1989 by Brian Stevenson. The company’s roots have always been based in the midlands and even through expansion and the family business going from strength-to-strength, NCS have kept their base in Derby. Brian Stevenson retired, and his Son Nigel became the Managing Director in 2004.


Founded in Brian’s hometown of Kegworth, the company moved to Derby in 1989 and have been here ever since. Conveniently located close to the beloved Pride Park Stadium, the Ascot Drive site has been the perfect base for a rapidly growing company. The site was large, but the investment in infrastructure and expansion has seen this site go from 2 buildings to a now grand total of 3 factories, 2 office buildings, a large car park to cater for their fleet of vans and cars.


IT – After an introductory meeting between Managed Services Consultant Elliott & Kieran at NCS with regards to their print contract, Elliott analysed the print contract and advised it would be best to wait until the following year to review due to their contractual position. Whilst having a general business discussion, it was identified that NCS were about to start the process to look for a new IT support provider. NCS had received valuable IT support from their incumbent provider, however they were growing at a rapid rate and needed a company with a more comprehensive offering to look after their continuously changing requirements.


Print – NCS were being charged a premium price for a satisfactory print offering. Print volumes were high across all departments, but with no real account management and understanding of their requirements they were left with machines that couldn’t fulfil their requirements but found themselves in this position with more than 2 years left to go on a 5-year agreement.


Cabling, Networking, Additional IT – Due to continued growth, NCS have expanded their site on two or three occasions whilst working with DNS. With temporary & new buildings, they have needed a responsive offering to fulfil fast paced business changes.


Wide Format Print – An old device that was out of warranty, the cost to repair the part was nearly half of the cost a new machine. Being in the midst of a pandemic, NCS needed a replacement plotter urgently in order to keep signage proofs printed for key projects.


Communications – Similar to many other businesses, NCS had a historic phone system that was limiting both customer interaction & remote working. Disputes were unable to be solved as they didn’t have a call recording feature, sign makers on the shop floor couldn’t be contacted by office workers without walking across the site, remote working was made difficult as calls couldn’t be fielded remotely.


Since working with NCS from way back in 2016, DNS have provided many tailored solutions to suit the requirements of each individual problem area.


Whilst most but not all solutions have delivered substantial cost savings, every solution implemented has provided an improvement in both productivity and usability.  


Our dedicated account management and pioneering solutions has resulted in a great working relationship between DNS and NCS. Therefore, over the years we have become the sole supplier to NCS for all IT, communications, managed print & document workflow. Both DNS & NCS are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve the day-to-day functions of technology within the business, both for now & future-proofing for years to come.


The key highlights of the cohesive offering in place at NCS include:


  • Centralised multi-functional devices across the site, covering the key document workflow requirements of each individual department
  • Forward thinking approach, developing from an IT support customer to the full spectrum of managed services
  • Full office connectivity & calibration – wireless network developed to the entire site, digitisation & tracking of clock in systems for shop floor workers, robust mobile devices provided to the shop floor to allow for constant communication
  • Remote working – An industry leading cloud based telephony solution, enabling employees to work from the comfort of their own homes as if they were sat at their office desk
  • Business & customer security – transparent protection for both client & consumer, crisp 30-day call recording to ensure integrity
  • Consolidated billing, one supplier, minimal invoices 
  • Account management
  • Cost savings
  • Additional IT solution