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“DNS have helped us transform the way that we work with their supply of a range of printing and telephony solutions, improving efficiencies and increasing our capabilities. Hugh’s knowledge of the solutions available has been invaluable. He has taken the time to understand our business and the way we work, offering recommendations across the business. Hugh keeps in touch regularly throughout the duration of contracts, giving us useful advice and making sure everything is working for us as we need it to.”


KCH Garden Square is a well-established Barristers Chambers who provide legal advice and representation for individuals and solicitors within criminal, civil and family law. 


They have offices based in both Nottingham and Leicester.


Their phone system, a key business function to operate effectively, was causing substantial issues, regularly dropping calls, losing internet connectivity and they received little support from their previous supplier. They were also utilising an MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) Network from the phone provider to incorporate both offices onto a single network.

Their print environment was also a mismatch of models and brands combined with poor support levels, slow engineer response times to fix machines regularly breaking down and replacement consumables not provided for lengthy periods of time, despite being a local provider.


KCH Garden Square were in contract with existing suppliers for all their current systems in place – with different termination dates, and several years to go in some cases.


Understanding the current agreements in place regarding KCH Garden Square’s network connectivity, phone system and printers, we were able to work on a proposed solution that met all of their needs, offering a substantial cost saving to the business, whilst taking into account any contractual obligations.


KCH Garden Square have a fully functional, unified solution, encompassing their print fleet, phone system and network connectivity between their two sites.

Our systems and offering help support KCH Garden Square with the following benefits:


  • Providing a dedicated Account Manager and Help & Support Team has enabled KCH to have full visibility of support tickets, escalations, additional training and advice where required.
  • Remote working capability – allowing their team to work out of the office or from home, including easy to use and straight forward call transfers internally/externally from desktop phones, mobile or their computer.
  • Functional Video capability for use in the court and prison service.
  • A fully managed printer fleet, incorporating our DNS support app giving the users the ability to log any support queries directly from the device, or order additional consumables if required, quickly and easily.
  • Their internet connectivity is provided by a fast, dedicated fibre connection with a backup line for disaster recovery and resilience – reducing any downtime on the phone system or computer network.