“Elliott overhauled our current IT services, listened to what we wanted and our pain points. When he came back, he had structured a proposal that met exactly what we wanted. You can’t do more than that.."


Elliott implemented new IT Services for Derbyshire Mortgage Services to ensure that they were getting the support and solutions required for their business needs.

Company history

Founded in 2005




Derbyshire Mortgage Services are a fee free, independent mortgage broker who have been established since 2005.

With many brokers in the business working remotely and reliant on their laptops, the ability to collaborate, communicate, have access to all business documents and reliable IT support was a must.

Their incumbent supplier was fluctuating costs and service which was a crucial pain point for Derbyshire Mortgage Services. Ranging levels of technical ability within the business meant that their IT support needed to be timely, efficient and cost controlled.

Elliott met with the team, audited their current way of working and introduced the idea of switching from G-suite to Microsoft 365. He prepared a cost benefit analysis and explained how 365 would enable collaborative working and ensure that all team members had access to the documents that they needed whenever they needed them.

Being within the financial services industry, security was also very important, something that DNS were able to oversee. Additionally, when team members leave the business, it is critical that they no longer have access to sensitive business and client documentation therefore, Elliott ensured that laptops could be locked down immediately to ensure optimum security.

Pain points a thing of the past 

Previously, Derbyshire Mortgage Services would ring a main support desk and be billed for the time of whoever it was that assisted their query or problem. They now have access to our team of support staff and costs are set per month enabling them to control costs. The team are on hand to support whatever technical issues arise no matter how simple or complicated. Derbyshire Mortgage Services also have  a dedicated Account Manager who performs regular account reviews.

“From a business perspective having someone to go to as an account manager is a big step up, I know I can call Elliott and talk about whatever I need to. He has been a great support all the way through, I had an expectation that he would disappear, but he didn’t.”


Ensuring superior support one ticket at a time


Like with all business process changes there are always apprehensions at the beginning, but we are dedicated to ensuring that there is minimal business disruption as well as always having someone on hand to answer any questions and queries. Whether it be a business’s account manager or our experienced support team.

“This was the first time we were moving IT provider so there were of course some concerns, are we going to lose data? Will people have the correct access? Will there be disruption to the business?”

However, these worries were soon absent.

“Connor handled the move and he knew exactly what he was doing. It took a few days and then we were up and running for all users with little disruptions. We know where we stand with DNS, people are there to support when we need them and our costs are transparent. I would certainly recommend DNS, you are transparent, do what you say you are going to do with professionalism and provide excellent support.”

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