formed the dns family


Darren founded the DNS company back in 1996, since then he expanded all areas of the business as well as the team. Darren’s role as the Managing Director is to direct and control all the business operations, he is responsible for giving strategic guidance and direction to ensure that DNS achieves its mission, financial vision and long term goals.


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Cornwall, Greek Islands, Mallorca, Florida – couldn’t chose one sorry

Grease/Autobiographies/Coronation Street

Either with an hour cycling in my home studio gym or on a non-cycling day, quick breakfast with the family and off to work early to get a productive start to the day in the office

Centre Forward for Arsenal, score a winning goal at the Emirates Stadium in front of 60,000 people (I was never good enough so this would help me understand how it would feel, just once!)

Darren Marsh with golf club and ball

Managing Director