Established in 1996

Established in 1996, we have 23 years’ of experience supplying and supporting award winning hardware and industry leading software whilst delivering first class Managed Services and help desk support facilities that help businesses to reduce costs, increase efficiency and continuously improve.

Our Account Management

Our account managers have the support of experienced consultants and skilled professionals. Together we monitor, manage, review & support your key business contacts with all aspects of our agreements. No matter how big or small your requirements are, we will provide a solution that meets your exact needs and are committed to delivering results that help your business to stay ahead.

National Services Provider

Centrally located within the Midlands, we work with local and national organisations of every size, from small businesses to global enterprises, providing responsive and approachable services alongside the products, resources and support of leading international solution partners.

What We Do

By combining state of the art technologies, including multifunctional printers, copiers & scanners; computers, laptops & mobile devices; network servers & cloud solutions; plus landline & mobile phones, with software solutions relating to document management; print management; scanning; archiving; telephony & communications; mobile printing; variable data printing; cross media; and web-to-print, our experienced team of account managers, consultants and support specialists help our clients to:

  • Simplify, automate and streamline business processes.

  • Implement digital solutions and industry leading, award winning technology.

  • Optimise internal and external communications and the management of documents.

  • Maximise the efficiency of technology to operate more efficiently and effectively.

  • Secure & protect network infrastructure whilst maintaining backups.

  • Reduce paper consumption and improve carbon footprint.

  • Reduce costs & gain more control.

  • Increase workforce productivity.

  • Focus on the core areas of their business whilst continuously improving operations.

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The bespoke, innovative solutions created by our team deliver three critical business advantages – Cost Reduction, Control & Convenience.

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Our Approach

A comprehensive assessment of your work environment, combined with proactive device monitoring, dedicated account management and help desk support, creates the most robust infrastructure that your company could ever have.

This gives you the freedom to focus on the core areas of your business whilst resting assured that our team are always pro-actively working to maintain and improve the technology that you need to use and which your business and work relies upon.

We will:

A specialist consultant from our team will conduct a thorough assessment of your business environment, working with you to:

  • Understand your business needs and end goals.
  • Review your existing infrastructure to identify inefficiencies, vulnerabilities and cost saving opportunities.
  • Establish a new approach that will help you improve and expand capabilities, reduce costs and enhance the way your business operates.

We will gather crucial information through:

  • Discussions with key users & business stakeholders.
  • Floor Mapping devices – including printers, copiers and scanners; computers, laptops & mobile devices; servers and storage solutions; landline and mobiles phones and more.
  • Monitoring devices to identify device user activity and usage levels.

The data obtained will be used to establish an accurate representation of your infrastructure and to analyse the current efficiency of your operations in consideration of device usage, support and maintenance costs.

Following an initial assessment, we will discuss the current infrastructure; provide suggestions and recommendations bespoke to your business needs; and propose a new design strategy for your consideration.

Working with you to ensure your needs are best met, we will agree upon a phased implementation plan that will allow your business to smoothly embrace new technology whilst ensuring minimal disruption and downtime.

To ensure that your business maximises the full gains that your new solution can provide, we will:

  • Setup & Configure new technology, including hardware and software solutions and the network that they run on.
  • Integrate software that will allow us to remotely monitor your network and connected devices.
  • Optimise your infrastructure for maximum performance.
  • Train & Educate key users & operators for a smooth change transition.

Our help desk support team will work closely with your dedicated account manager to:

  • Monitor your devices and network remotely.
  • Identify & Detect issues pro-actively before your business is affected.
  • Respond to hardware alerts and support requests within 24 hours.
  • Resolve technical issues before your business is affected.
We will continuously review & develop your network infrastructure and business processes to create further cost saving opportunities and will report back to you through regular updates, full usage reports with detailed analytics and efficiency review meetings your account manager.


Why Choose DNS?

Experience counts, and for 22 years we have been providing our customers with peace of mind, because you can rely on us to minimise your downtime, maximise productivity and protect your investment.

Our dedicated account management structure means you will always get continuity and specialist advice.

Our account managers have the support of experienced consultants and skilled professionals who together utilise our proven process of Assess; Design; Implement; Manage & Support; Review & Develop to continuously help clients develop new strategies to achieve cost savings and efficiency improvements.

Unlike many service providers, we have our own help desk support team that provide remote support, alongside direct nationwide back up of our solution partners’ specialist engineers who carry spare parts to fix machines on-site instantly, minimising downtime caused by unexpected technical or hardware issues.

Our dedicated training specialists can deliver bespoke product training programmes, which suit your business, to ensure that key users and workgroups can make the best use of new technology and understand how this can be applied to maximise productivity. Training can be delivered on-site, face-to-face by an instructor or through online self-training programmes.

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Multi-Vendor Support for all devices connected to your network, including printers, copiers and scanners; computers, laptops and mobile devices; network servers; landline and mobile phones; and more, regardless of brand or manufacturer.

Our short term lease agreements allow you to meet short term business demands at the drop of a hat and are perfect for special one-off events.

With a wide range of flexible finance and support options, we make the benefits of our Managed Services and solutions achievable for any organisation.

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Accreditation & Awards

What People Say

“DNS run a very good support logging system that allows them to control all issues quickly and promptly. When I log a support email I get an automatic response telling me it’s in the system, and more often than not an email back within 5 mins with a resolution or a plan to correct to the problem.”

Kieran Spiers, Finance Director, NCS Fabrications

The Innovation Centre was an excellent base to come and meet the team at DNS, understand what they have to offer and just how well they do it. We never experienced a demo like it before and this is what blew us away.

Mathew Ranfield, Director, MDR Creative

“Careful planning and scheduling ahead of the day, technical expertise and efficiency on the day and top drawer account management have once again made our DNS experience a very pleasurable one indeed. It was noted and mentioned by both directors that happened to be on site how painless and efficient the exchange was.”

Peter Onyszkow, IT Manager, Chemring Defence

“DNS quoted and installed our 3 new copiers quickly and smoothly with no interference to our business. These new copiers will aid us on the road to becoming a paperless business. We would definitely recommend DNS!”

Kieran Spiers, Finance Director, NCS Fabrications

“We employed the services of DNS when we were looking to cut our printing costs. We compared the market and DNS gave us a solution we could trust and that promised results.”

Accountancy Firm, East Midlands

“DNS simplified our print assets and reduced our total print spend by over a 3rd. We are very happy with the after care and I recommend this solution to any company with a high print volume.”

Accountancy Firm, East Midlands

Our Partners

We are part of the world’s leading enterprise for business process and document management and work with a number of global solutions partners to deliver technologies, expertise and services that enable businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively, whatever the situation.

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