We’re thrilled to announce that our partner, Xerox, has won two important categories in the Keypoint Intelligence Buyer’s Lab annual awards.

The research firm’s 2019 Document Imaging Software Line of the Year was awarded to Xerox for the most complete software portfolio across a range of document imaging solutions.

This is the fifth time in seven years Xerox has won this honour. Keypoint Intelligence Buyers Lab said software solutions have now become an integral part of the document imaging ecosystem.

Given once a year, this award recognizes the vendor that offers the most complete software portfolio across a range of document imaging solutions.

The Way That We Work is Changing

As the document imaging landscape continues to evolve, with the emphasis continuing to shift onto software applications, MFP apps are changing the way that we work – quickly and cost-effectively addressing bottlenecks and helping to streamline business processes.

Speaking on this shift in the way that we work, Jamie Bsales, Director of Solutions Analysis at Keypoint Intelligence Buyer’s Lab, said:

“Our analysis shows that Xerox is at the forefront of this movement thanks to its app-driven ‘Workplace Assistant’ strategy and strong portfolio of traditional document imaging applications. Xerox offers the most complete line-up overall, with a broad range of solutions that address customers’ document-centric ‘pain points’, and solves business challenges.”

Plus, the Xerox Workplace Suite was honoured with an additional accolade for Outstanding Job Management & Mobile Print Solution in the firm’s ‘2019 Picks’ category. Winning factors included mobile print functionality, security features and ability to significantly reduce print costs.

Xerox Solutions and Product Marketing Manager, Tim Enskat, said:

“These awards are a welcome endorsement of Xerox’s efforts to equip our channel partners with an industry-leading portfolio of value-added solutions and apps to address customers’ workflow challenges. While the award for the Workplace Suite is an acknowledgement of its standalone capabilities, that solution also has an important role in enabling the new range of Single Sign On and eCommerce apps.”

From ConnectKey-enabled workplace assistants and apps, to mobile print and software solutions, Xerox’s offerings are bridging the physical and digital worlds – driving more efficiency, security and productivity into any size office. We’re honored to be one of the UK’s leading Xerox partners, but we are most proud of how these workplace solutions impact our customers successes. Now, that’s a winning combination worth shouting about.

To find out how Xerox solutions could help you to to streamline your business processes, contact us today on 0845 034 0895 or by emailing info@dnslimited.co.uk