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User Training

We can provide product training to ensure that workgroups can make the best use of the feature rich functionality available across Xerox hardware. Training can be delivered on-site, face-to-face by an instructor or through online self-training programmes.

Additionally, we can develop bespoke training programs to suit your workflow and provide advice on how your Xerox solution can be best applied to maximise productivity.

Training Packages

Light Production - One Group (3-4 People)

  • Overview of the Machine
  • Copy & Print Functions
  • DFE Overview
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Basic VDP Printing

Basic Office - One Group (3-4 People)

  • Overview of the Machine
  • Basic Copy Features
  • Basic Scan Features
  • Basic Fax Features
  • Basic Print Driver Options

To find out more or to get advice on Xerox Product Training, call our expert team on 0845 034 0895.

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