Some of the ways that our solutions can to improve printing & productivity in your business include:

1. Cut Print & Copy Costs by Up To 30%

As much as 15% of a business’ annual spend goes towards printing, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Managed Print Services can dramatically reduce your print costs by providing you with complete control of your print environment.

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2. Reduce the Number of Print Devices In Your Office

Multifunctional printers can be shared by users – removing the need for individual desktop devices to print, scan, fax or photocopy. Not only does this save valuable space within your office, but also offers huge cost savings.

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3. Simple Solutions for Day-To-Day Printing

Whether you’re printing in full colour or black and white, an office multifunction printer delivers outstanding quality, simplicity of use, value for money and energy efficiency.

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4. Keep Printed Documents in The Right Hands

Walking to the print tray only to find that your document has gone missing is a common occurrence – but it can be a thing of the past. Secure print capabilities ensure that documents sent to print are only released with a PIN or ID card.

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5. Never run out of ink or toner again!

With automatic consumable replenishment, your printer’s toner levels will be monitored and new ones dispatched before you run out – all at the best possible price.

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6. Save up to £359 per employee

By reviewing your document workflows, inefficiencies can be identified and improvements made. From here you can understand how documents flow through your business and where costs can be cut.

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7. Track Documents as They Flow Through Your Business

Run your business with the complete confidence that all confidential documents are secure and tracked. With a complete audit trail available, it will be clear to you where accountabilities lie.

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8. Boost Workplace Productivity & Efficiency

By digitising paper-based processes, information can be automated to flow smoothly through your business – ensuring it’s delivered to the correct person or place and giving your team more time to focus on other areas of their job roles.

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9. Move towards becoming a paperless or ‘paper-light’ office

Take steps towards meeting your sustainability goals (and free up storage space) by reducing the volume of paper across your business.

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