Some of the benefits that our solutions can provide to mobile & remote workers include:

1. Work from Anywhere

Become an agile, future-proof workplace. Employees can work from just about anywhere, on any device, online or offline – with the whole suite of Microsoft programmes available to them, plus cloud storage, collaboration tools and in-built security and privacy controls.

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2. Print from Anywhere

Print wirelessly and securely from any device, whether you’re in the office or on the road. Wirelessly manage your print jobs and maintain your productivity, wherever your business might take you.

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3. Stay Productive – Anytime, Anywhere

Being out of the office shouldn’t hamper productivity. Instantly access documents via the cloud wherever you’re connected to the internet.

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4. Scan & Share on The Go

Capture documents via mobile or tablet and send them straight to the cloud where they can be automatically circulated, filed away or shared via email, print or fax.

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5. One Number Everywhere

Take both mobile and landline calls on the move, so you never miss a call again.

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