As a healthcare organisation, no doubt you face increasing challenges in managing the volume of data and information that flows through your departments.

It’s important to ensure you have a strategy in place that allows your workforce to maximise productivity, communicate clearly and collaborate efficiently – to get the most from your teams and to deliver outstanding care to your service users.

To help you get started, here are 11 key benefits that office technology solutions can provide to healthcare providers:

1. User Authentication & Secure Print Release

Reduce Security Risks

Prevent unclaimed print outputs on the print tray and increase the security of printed data. Using a pin code or card-based authentication system, documents will be held in a print queue until the user is physically present at the printer to release them.

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2. Digital Document Processing

Automatically capture, extract, process & route information to Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables each document to be analysed and digitally processed directly into your back-office and EHR systems.

Reduce the number of time-consuming manual steps to process clinical documentation and improve accuracy by automating workflows – leaving your team to spend more time with patients, and less time on paperwork.

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3. Auto Filing & Archiving

Streamline Processes

No more dragging and dropping! Automatically route clinical and other documents to a specified folder destination by simply highlighting the relevant content, such as a string of text – making it easy to monitor and securely archive documents.

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4. Easy Document Retrieval

Manage & Access Large Volumes of Documents

Store your hard copy documents as searchable PDFs, making records such as patient information, policies and guidelines easy to catalogue and retrieve – regardless of how old they are. This enables you to increase staff productivity and minimise the time spent locating documents across multiple complex records and systems. Plus, eliminate the need for paper storage of your historic records.

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5. Accurate Record-Keeping

Minimise Errors

Automatic data processing improves the quality of patient and other records. It reduces the need for manual data entry into your back office systems – minimising the risk of human errors, duplication of work and missing information.

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Watch the video below to discover how Nuance Healthcare Solutions could help your organisation to handle the biggest document management challenges with with simplicity and security.

6. Audit Trails

Accountability & Compliance

Keep private, critical information secure throughout your business with a full audit trail – available from document creation through to sharing and printing – helping you to comply with HIPAA and other regulatory bodies. In the event of a clinical error or security breach, you will be able to promptly identify the possible source.

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7. Cloud-Based Productivity Platform

Improve collaborative care

Work cross-departmentally or with external partners with Microsoft Office 365. Voice or video conferencing provides uncomplicated collaboration; from assessing patients to sharing documents or holding meetings. Instant Messaging provides a quick and easy way to make immediate contact. These tools can be accessed anywhere, from any device, providing convenience and efficiency whilst still meeting compliance regulations.

Watch the video below to learn how Microsoft Office 365 helped Operation Smile do bigger things for their patients.

8. Anytime, Anywhere Access

Increase Productivity

From care teams to doctors, to administrators – mobility of staff is becoming a necessity across the healthcare sector. Document Management solutions support remote workers by providing mobile access to files, policies and documents from anywhere, anytime. Mobile Printing solutions allow your workforce to print documents from anywhere using a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

These capabilities not only help remote workers to stay productive on the move, but also provides your on-site staff with access to everything they need as they move freely around your hospital or surgery.

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9. Safeguard Systems & Data

Reduce security vulnerabilities

Protect your organisation from even the most complex security threats and support regulatory compliance with cloud based network security solutions. Identify and remedy threats and vulnerabilities including hacking, viruses and security breaches and protect all of your team’s devices – all within a single platform.

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10. Secure Fax Solutions

Compliant Information Sharing

Traditional faxing presents security risks and relies heavily upon fax machines, ink and toner – all of which take up space and can cost a lot to use.  Eliminate these worries with secure online cloud based faxing, directly from your computer or mobile device, from anywhere.

XMediusFax Cloud makes sending and receiving faxes as easy as using email and offers unlimited scalability.

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11. Direct Mail Made Easy

Reduce time, resource and budget spent on mailings

Xerox Hybrid Mail offers huge efficiencies to your direct mailing activities. Rather than printing and mailing your letters internally, simply submit your data to be transformed into physical letters which are then printed and distributed by print centres. It can integrate with your existing systems and is security compliant. Not only this, but Hybrid Mail also offers drastic cost reductions at 36p per letter, in comparison to Royal Mail 2nd class at 56p.

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