When it comes to property, you no doubt help clients to make the right investments for the future. We do the same – except we are experts in office technology and we want to help you.

Auto Filing & Archiving

Increase Productivity

Increase productivity by automatically routing client files, cover sheets & property information to a specified folder destination according to relevant document content, such as location, price or market status.

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Anytime, Anywhere Access

Improve Client Relationships

Access property details and other documents on the move, for anytime, anywhere access via a mobile or tablet, helping you to build better relationships with clients.

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Digital Printing

Impress Your Audience

Print high quality documents, such as property information sheets & window cards, in-house whilst saving up to 30% off your existing print costs with Managed Print Services.

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Search & Sharing

Collaborate Efficiently

Search archives using keywords or a string of text to easily to find documents. Collaborate with documents better than ever with simple sharing capabilities that allow you to deliver information quickly whilst maintaining an audit trail & avoiding postal costs.

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Cloud Storage

Reduce Storage Space

Reduce storage space and keep all of your documents backed up safely & securely for quick disaster recovery – and provide easy team access for efficient collaboration without complex technology.

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Application Forms • Tenancy Agreements • Home Inspection Pictures & Notes
Financial Agreements • Many Other Property Management Documents!