Some of the benefits that our solutions can provide to Customer Service & Administration teams include:

1. Improved Customer Experience

Paper-related data loss has affected 82% of companies – however a document management system will ensure that documents and data are never lost. Plus, speed up customer service with quick and easy document location.

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2. Present A Professional Image to Callers

Sophisticated call queuing features manage your incoming calls, placing them in a queue with music or marketing messages and assigning them to a customer service agent as soon as they become available.

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3. Save Time on Data Processing

Automatic data processing transforms documents into searchable PDFs – minimising the need for manual data entry and lessening the risk of human error.

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4. Keep Confidential Information Private

From creation to sharing, printing to archiving, a complete audit trail is available throughout the entire document journey. This delivers easy monitoring and – if needed – quick identification of the cause of a security breach.

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5. Swiftly Move Documents Through Your Business

Automatically route documents across your business quickly and efficiently, whether digital, hard copies or handwritten.

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