As a financial services organisation, you no doubt put the security and safety of your business and client data at the forefront of your operations. We can make this easier for you with office technology that will help to streamline process, improve efficiency and maximise your resources.

User Authentication & Secure Print Release

Reduce Security Risks

Prevent unclaimed print outputs on the print tray and increase the security of printed data. Using a pin code or card-based authentication system, documents will be held in a print queue until the user is physically present at the printer to release them.

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Digital Document Processing

Improve Operational Efficiency & Reduce Paper Storage

Reduce the number of time-consuming manual steps to process documents, from terms & conditions, to invoices or expenses forms. Paperwork and hard copy documents – including handwritten notes – are digitally processed directly into your back-office systems and automated workflows.

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Anytime, Anywhere Access

Increase Productivity

There’s no need to return to the office in order to view essential documents. Access financial agreements and other documents on the move via mobile or tablet, anytime, anywhere. You can also print from anywhere using mobile print solutions.

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Auto Filing & Archiving

Streamline Processes

No more dragging and dropping! Automatically route invoices and other documents to a specified folder destination by simply highlighting the relevant content, such as a string of text – making it easy to monitor and securely archive paperwork.

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Easy Document Retrieval

Save time searching for documents

Store your hard copy documents as searchable PDFs, making records such as payment schedules and P&L easy to catalogue and retrieve – regardless of how old they are. Plus, eliminate the need for paper storage of your historic records.

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Accurate Data Processing

Minimise Errors

Automatic data processing reduces the need for manual data entry into your back office financial and banking systems – minimising the risk of human errors and saving you time and money.

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Comprehensive Audit Trails

Accountability Across Your Business

Keep private, critical information secure throughout your business, with a full audit trail – from document creation through to sharing and printing. In the event of a security breach, you will be able to promptly identify the possible source.

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Cloud Storage

Reduce Storage Space

Reduce storage space and keep all of your documents backed up safely & securely for quick disaster recovery – and provide easy team access for efficient collaboration without complex technology.

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Payslips • Expenses • Invoices & receipts • Terms & Conditions • Agreements • Application forms • Bookkeeping • Audit forms • Tax paperwork • Evidence DocumentsPolicies • Many Other Accounting & Financial Documents!