XMPie PersonalEffect StoreFlow

The best, full-featured, all-in-one web-to-print solution for creating, managing and monitoring online stores and marketing portals.

Variable & Static Documents

Let end-users upload and order their own static documents or select and order variable documents from a storefront catalogue, to offer a rich set of products from flyers and brochures, to booklets and more, and deliver versatility and added value to customers by adding personalised covers, dynamic tabs, and other customised options.

Browser & Platform Support

The easy-to-use, intuitive user interface leverages CSS to adjust the store skin to match the look and feel of your brand and provide a familiar e-commerce experience to your customers, whilst state-of-the-art tools, such as social media sign-on and embedded YouTube videos, further enhance the user experience.

Simple Setup & Maintenance

A simple, easy-to-use administration dashboard allows you to set up your online store, create product catalogues from document templates, specify which variables a customer can modify in each template and define pricing, production and fulfilment parameters, whilst accelerating the setup of similar products by allowing administrators to define global product properties.

Automated Production

Prepare and process web-to-print jobs for production through multi-step workflows that pre-flight documents, automate imposition, and either submit jobs directly to your digital press or drop them in a hot folder.

JDF Compliance & Job Ticketing

Make processing jobs through JDF-compliant devices a straightforward task by automatically generating job tickets for every print job and seamlessly integrating with StoreFlow, helping you deliver the benefits of greater automation, increased speed, cost-efficiency and ease-of-use to customers.

Mobile Friendly & Upgradeable

XMPie makes it easy to setup and maintain mobile friendly storefronts and is capable of being upgraded to include Cross Media output.


PersonalEffect StoreFlow includes the Xerox FreeFlow Core pre-press automation module enabling store administrators to pre-define multi-step workflows that automate pre-press functions required for an efficient production process. PersonalEffect StoreFlow leverages XMPie’s proven XLIM document format and composition engine with an easy-to use creative workflow using Adobe® InDesign® and XMPie uCreate™. PersonalEffect StoreFlow includes everything required to cost-effectively scale your business through the Web.


With PersonalEffect StoreFlow Pro, the Adobe InDesign Server is added to the configuration to provide the greatest creative flexibility in the industry by enabling pixel perfect design and supporting an end-to-end InDesign workflow. PersonalEffect StoreFlow Pro also provides greater processing power to handle highly active storefronts as well as operations with larger production volumes.


StoreFlow Cloud is a subscription-based solution for creating Web-to-print portals. With little or no IT investment required, StoreFlow Cloud lowers the barriers to entry for practicing Web-to-print, making it easier for Print service providers and enterprises to embrace Web-to-print as a business offering. With StoreFlow Cloud, you can quickly build and deploy web portals for ordering, customizing and printing virtually any type of document. Visitors to your StoreFlow site can upload their own documents and submit them for processing – or choose a document template from the site’s catalog, customize and personalize it and then submit for processing. StoreFlow makes it simple to set up branded, Web-to-Print applications without involving programmers and integrates seamlessly with the entire XMPie product line.

Discover how XMPie PersonalEffect StoreFlow can transform capabilities in your business.

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