Xerox DocuShare

The easy, web based solution for managing and sharing documents.

Xerox DocuShare is a flexible, web-based and cloud-enabled content management solution that can provide any company the tools and flexibility to immediately be more productive without increasing demands on IT.

Simple Content Management

Tackle the most strategic requirements with an intuitive and flexible platform that provides excellent value.

Personalised Interface Views

Personalise and customise your own views to speed up your activities, become more efficient and increase productivity.

Minimal Effort, High Productivity

Instantly upload, download and distribute single or multiple files with a click of a button.

Mobile Friendly

A web responsive user-interface allows flexible capture, management, retrieval and distribution of content across desktop, web and mobile devices.

Application Integration

Connect easily with back-end enterprise planning applications to build automated solutions and instantly access content with a click of a button.

Enhanced Workflow Tools

Create configurable workflows that enable automated content rules, intuitive workflow management and advanced reporting options.


DocuShare: Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Platform

Xerox DocuShare is a convenient, flexible and functional content management solution that helps businesses of all sizes become digitally productive by combining people, paper and processes to make day-to-day work more efficient.

  • Capture, index and store unstructured and structured data
  • Categorise, organise and manage content lifecycles
  • Communicate and collaborate with content
  • Automate data-intensive processes including retention and disposition
  • Secure confidential or sensitive data
  • Access content online and offline, anytime, anywhere through desktop and mobile devices.
  • Connect with enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and other back-end systems
  • Integrate with Xerox multifunction printers for a complete paper-to-digital transformation
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DocuShare Flex

DocuShare Flex is a very simple, cloud-based, content management system that is cost-effective, scaleable and designed to help businesses of all sizes.

  • Manage and organise business content easily.
  • Automate processes such as the filing of documents.
  • Create user-driven workflows that do not require costly professional services.
  • Work from anywhere via a secure, mobile-friendly interface.
  • Powerful search capabilities help users to find information in seconds.
  • Cloud-based, intuitive design allows users to get started immediately.
  • Scale easily to meet changes in user numbers, storage space and specific process requirements.
  • Connect to line-of-business applications, like ERP, Accounts Payable and HR systems.
  • Add custom document types to support unique departmental needs.
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DocuShare: Private Cloud Service

Xerox DocuShare Private Cloud Service uses the award winning DocuShare Enterprise Content Management platform to provide the benefits of content management, image capture and workflow automation – all within a cloud environment.

  • Simple, secure, cloud-based file share
  • Industry compliant workflow automation
  • Connectivity with enterprise systems
  • Mobile productivity
  • Scan to the cloud
  • Team collaboration
  • Document security
  • Professional services and support
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Virtual Demos – Xerox DocuShare & ConnectKey

Select an industry from the options below to load a virtual demo of the ConnectKey interface in sync with Xerox DocuShare. Simply click the highlighted elements to navigate your way through the virtual interface.

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Discover how Xerox DocuShare can help you to take control of documents in your business.

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