XMPie PersonalEffect TransMedia

An all-in-one solution that delivers everything you need to create, launch and manage integrated, personalised cross-media campaigns across all communication channels.

Multichannel Personalised Communications

Manage all your shared resources, including campaign logic driving variability, digital assets and data, at campaign level to guarantee complete synchronisation of messaging regardless of the delivery channel.

Logic & Personalised Graphics

Quickly and easily categorise customers into different personas, each with its own campaign logic and rules and with messaging and offers adjusted to the attributes and parameters of each, to automate the creation of beautiful personalised images for print, email or web.

Digital & Print in Sync

Integrate personalised websites and email with your print campaigns to deliver a consistent brand experience, across all channels, without presentation or design limitations.

Monitoring, Measuring & Reporting

Track and monitor campaign performance at every touch point with detailed reporting and analytics capabilities that accounts for and profiles recipient behaviour, to provide intelligent insights that help you to better understand your audience and make informed decisions to engage them.

Web Tool Integration

With Open XM technology you can use any of today’s leading web technologies and tools, such as AngularJS, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3, to create responsive design web content, mobile-friendly landing sites, single-page applications and more.

Circle GUI Integration

The Circle GUI now powers the PersonalEffect Transmedia dashboard giving a clear and unified view for managing touch points, deploying the entire multichannel campaign and monitoring performance.


Deliver a better brand experience for your customers with PersonalEffect TransMedia, an all-in-one solution for creating, managing and monitoring multichannel, 1:1 campaigns. This fully integrated solution controls all touch points across all media: print, email, Web and SMS for the production of sophisticated Cross Media campaigns that offer complete brand control and messaging synchronization regardless of communication channel.


With PersonalEffect TransMedia Pro, the Adobe InDesign Server is added to the configuration enabling InDesign document composition for the production of graphically creative dynamic output. Providing the ultimate in design freedom, this configuration is geared to providers who receive InDesign documents that must not be altered or work with variable documents that fully utilize InDesign’s sophisticated design capabilities or require strict color management through ICC profiles.

Discover how XMPie PersonalEffect TransMedia can transform capabilities in your business.

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