Sail away from your paper archives

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With maintaining information becoming increasingly important in day-to-day activities, maybe it is time to sail away from your paper archives into an all-digital scanning, archiving & document management solution.

Does this sound like you?

Flatbed ScannerStill using a flatbed scanner?

  • Are you scanning one or more documents to email or save as PDF?
  • Do you save scanned documents on your computer or network before renaming the file?


Sinking in paper archives?Sinking In Paper Archives

  • Are filing cabinets taking up too much office space?
  • Is archiving becoming a chore and wasting valuable time?
  • Are you finding it slow to retrieve documents or struggling to find them?


Scan and Share MFPDo you scan & share via email?

  • Do you extract specific information from scanned documents?
  • Fed up of scanned documents not displaying correctly on screen?
  • Do you waste time dragging, dropping & renaming files?


Off Site Paper StorageFed up with off-site storage costs?

  • Do you need instant access to stored files from any location?
  • Do you need to search archives by a string of text, invoice number, company name or date?
  • Do you annotate & modify permissions for scanned documents before sharing?

Did you know?

An all-electronic filing policy can reduce your office costs by up to nearly 8%*.

Let us come to the rescue

Our certified analysts will help you save time, space and money by ensuring your document capture and archive processes meet your business requirements and are as fast, efficient and secure as possible.

  • Automate document workflows & processesDocument Workflow Play Video (2)
  • Reduce storage requirements & free up wasted space
  • Make it easier to quickly share and respond to customers, suppliers & staff.
  • Free up time to become more productive
  • Make collaborating with documents easier
  • Improve document security
  • Eliminate misfiling
  • Speed up scanning & archiving processes
  • Minimise wastage
  • Improve efficiency of document workflows.


Discover how we can transform your business processes.

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