What do you know about printing in your business?

In this day and age, printing documents has become so much of an everyday task that this essential business process is often overlooked. Printing can be an expensive necessity and if you haven’t already implemented a print strategy in your business then chances are that you are unaware of your actual print volumes and don’t really have control of your print environment.

So this all begs the question – what do you really know about printing in your business?

Did you know?

90% of companies don’t know how many printers they have or how much they spend on print*

Sharing is something we’re all taught to do, but when it comes to sharing multifunction printers, it can get complex for businesses to keep track of their print spend – making it difficult to manage budgets and forecast costs.

The solution: Print Management software can help you to track and monitor print activity in your company – ensuring that every document is accounted for and that you know who is printing what and where at all times.

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The average office employee prints 10,000 pages per year at an average cost of £585 annually: 

Let’s face it, clicking ‘print’ feels like a quick and easy way to get a physical copy of a document instantly, and most of us never take the time to think about the costs involved with this simple action that most workers do several times a day.

At the very least, this can have huge implications on your print associated business costs. In many cases this can also cause difficulties beyond this – such as an unnecessarily large carbon footprint, caused by avoidable waste, that diminishes your corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The solution: Managed Print Services can help you to take control of your print environment to reduce your print volume and associated printing costs by as much as 30%.

When it comes to the environment it takes:

10 litres of water to make one A4 sheet.

24 trees to make 1 tonne of paper.

Reducing paper consumption can help you to improve your corporate social responsibility by helping you to significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Print is typically the third highest business operating expense: 

Without accurate data that relates to print activity and the associated costs, there is no real way of making educated decisions that will help you to develop and improve printing within your business.

The solution: Print Management software can help you better manage costs by helping you to track and monitor print activity with fact based reporting that considers your actual print volumes and associated business costs. Empowered with this information, it has never been so easy to continuously improve printing in your company .

 40 to 60% of IT help desk calls are print related:

Whilst many IT professionals often consider printing issues simple, they also feel bogged down and frustrated when time is taken away from their day to deal with low value tasks that don’t utilise their specialist skills.

When this mentality affects employees in your business, whole departments can be impacted – often reducing productivity and diminishing the results of your workforce as a result.

The solution: IT Support Services can help to take the pressure off your existing IT department and allows your employees to feel motivated knowing that they can access professional helpdesk support when it comes to issues that may arise with your printers, copiers and the network that they are connected to.

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*Source: Gartner Group
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