Today, mass marketing is becoming increasingly ineffective, with consumers now expecting be treated as individuals and to receive personalised, relevant communications from businesses. This disruption of traditional print communications might seem like a threat to the well-established professional print industry – after all, profitable print is about delivering mass print runs of the same job. However, Variable Data Print solutions provide huge opportunities to deliver a personalised print service to your clients.

Despite being in the digital era, traditional marketing channels are still valued by consumers, with 19% stating that they take notice of direct mail* – and with the GDPR now in full effect, the demand for direct mail campaigns and printed literature has never been stronger.

Expanding your business’ offering with the addition of personalised printing will allow your clients to deliver creative print-based marketing campaigns that engage their existing customers and open conversations with new ones.

Variable Data Printing (VDP) automates the production of personalised and relevant print communications that motivate recipients to respond. The ability to automate the production of personalised print allows you to seamlessly provide your clients with a flexible design-to-production workflow. From simply incorporating the recipient’s name, to memorable personalised images and charts, or further advanced personalisation features – you’ll have a sophisticated service offering that is powered by data and synchronised across all channels and touchpoints.

XMPie’s scalable solutions allow you to enter the world of Variable Data Print (VDP) with a desktop-based, creative tool product: uDirect (available in two configurations: uDirect Classic and uDirect Studio). Both products offer print service providers a gateway to the world of VDP with advanced capabilities that can scale as your business grows.

Once your business has embraced personalised print, you can evolve alongside client requirements to expand your offering, adding further capabilities and functions over time – such as offering Web-to-Print Solutions, which will allow you to launch an online ordering solution for your print shop.

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* Source: Adobe