Paperless Office Showcase

Join us at our Innovation Centre as we demonstrate how your business can save time, space & money by working with documents more effectively.


What’s happening?

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Your business depends on keeping costs in check – that’s why we have arranged our Paperless Office Showcase – to show you how to achieve amazing cost savings by moving away from paper archives into an all-digital scanning, archiving & document management solution.

What can I see?

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paper-in-folder-archive-2man-with-giant-tabletAuto File & Archive

Increase productivity by automatically routing documents to a specified folder destination according to the relevant document content.

mobile-phone-hand-arrows-sharingSimple Sharing

Collaborate with documents easier than ever with simple sharing capabilities that help you to deliver information quickly whilst maintaining an audit trail and avoiding postal costs.

document-magnifying-glass-searchSearch Easily

Search archives using keywords that make documents easy to find and enable version control that makes it easy to accurately manage changes.

cloud-storage-2Cloud Storage

Keep all of your documents backed up safely & securely for quick disaster recovery and provide easy team access for efficient collaboration without complex technology.

Discover how your business can improve by going paperless when it comes to contracts & billing, purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices, application forms and more.

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Did you know?

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The average office worker:

  • Scans for 3 mins each day, totalling 5.5 days per year.
  • Searches for files for 23 mins per day, totalling 13 days per year.
  • Uses 1584 paper sheets each month, costing up to £3000 per employee.

An all-electronic filing policy could help your business to:

calendar-2Save workers 12 days per year.

Cut time spent processing documents by 50%.

Reduce overall office costs by up to 8%.

Save up to £359 per employee in your business.

Reducing paper consumption can also improve your corporate social responsibility by helping you to significantly reduce your carbon footprint.


When & where?

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dns-chris-seddon-photography-1001This event will take place on Friday 9th December from 11am-5pm at:

DNS Innovation Centre
Unit 9, Royal Scot Road
Pride Park, Derby
DE24 8AJ

Register and attend this event to learn how you could save up to £359 per employee in your business.†

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