No tricks, only treats.

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With Halloween upon us and clowns lurking around almost every corner, everything is beginning to get a little spooky in Pride Park – but there are no tricks when it comes to our Managed Services, just lots and lots of treats.

Here are just some of them:

  • Reduce print costs by up to 30%

    Moving from in-house print and copy management to a managed print service can trim associated costs by up to 30%. Highly trained managed print solutions experts continually fine-tune your output fleet to maximise productivity and deliver optimum cost savings.

  • Save Resources

    Efficient management of your multifunction printers can help you to reduce energy consumption, lower the cost of consumables and cut down on paper waste.

  • Simplify Budgetting

    A single, predictable monthly bill for all your print devices makes it quicker and easier to manage costs and plan budgets.

  • Improve ProductivityMobile Printing (3)

    Elimination of time-consuming processes, such as scanning & archiving documents, helps to provide increased uptime and allows employees to concentrate on completing work instead of managing printers, copiers or scanners.

  • Pro-active Expert Advice

    We proactively and continually help you to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your print operations, document solutions and workflow processes.

  • Remote & On-site SupportGreen Tick

    From online to onsite support, our dedicated support team work hard to deliver service you expect and results you can count on, no matter where your work takes you. Our engineers deliver prompt care and rapid problem solving and will be on site, where required, by the next business day, or even sooner in most regions.

  • Helpdesk Cover

    With a choice for hands-on technical helpdesk support, you can speak to our experienced support team on the phone or access online support 24/7. Proactive monitoring tools allow our expert support team to anticipate and resolve potential issues before they become problems and provide fast maintenance and repairs before business is affected.

Call our expert team on 0845 034 0895 or click here to request a free assessment to find out how our managed services could benefit your business


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