Case Study: Accent Commercial Resources

Accent commercial printer Xerox 3100

The Xerox Versant 3100 printer in situ at Accent Commercial Resources

The great thing about technology is that it continues to evolve – in the same way as businesses continue to grow.  At DNS we work closely with our clients and, as new innovations become available, we provide them with technology that will enable them to grow and develop, push their business forwards and offer their own customers the best possible service.

That doesn’t mean you’re constantly shelling out on the latest gadget as soon as it comes on the market.  Our team works hard to find the best match for your needs, now and in the future, and the most cost effective solution that can enhance your business without impacting your overheads.

We recently secured a fantastic deal for customers Accent Commercial Resources which did just that:

Accent is a Derby-based commercial print supplier.  The company became DNS customers 4 years ago after visiting our Innovation Centre as part of our 20th anniversary celebrations.  They were wowed by the demonstration of a Xerox Versant 80 printer which, at the time, offered exactly what they needed.  The price we were able to offer was the icing on the cake, and the machine has served them well since then.

We’ve also, more recently, supplied them with a 530s Matrix laminator, helping them to bring their laminating needs back in house.  This has significantly reduced the costs and workload involved with outsourcing this element of their provision allowing much greater flexibility in what they’re able to offer their customers, such as foil blocking in short run quantities.

Like all good businesses, though, Accent has continued to grow and, although the Versant 80 is still a great product for many, their volumes have increased significantly over the past few years so they needed to upgrade their technology accordingly.  Our Managed Services Consultant Hugh Sutherland has worked with Accent’s Managing Director Rhydian Pile to determine exactly what the business needs in terms of functionality, print package and cost.

Xerox 3100 and 530s Matrix laminator

The Xerox 3100 and the 530s Matrix laminator – a formidable combination

Xerox’s Versant 3100

This has resulted in the installation of one of Xerox’s cutting-edge new mid-production digital printers, the Versant 3100, which is capable of 100ppm print, stocks up to 350gsm with auto duplex, and printing up to 660mm width (enabling in-house production of 6ppm A4 leaflets and A4 landscape brochures).  All this is produced with image quality that’s four times better than the industry standard resolution.

In addition to these impressive production statistics, because this printer is situated at the mid-heavy production end of the market, it also offers many improved automated features such as stock profiling, colour calibrating and auto alignment control.  Automated sheet clearing keeps the process running with minimal intervention, while ground-breaking Production Accurate Registration maintains 0.5mm or less front to back registration throughout the print run for much improved image alignment and a very high quality print product.

An impressive printer…but how has it helped the client?

These features are more than just gadgetry – they make a huge difference to Accent on a day-to-day basis, as Rhydian explains:

“This new machine greatly reduces the number of manual tasks involved in production, streamlining the process for greater efficiency and cost effectiveness.  It dramatically reduces downtime, the quality is fantastic and, as we’ve come to expect from DNS, the customer service they offer makes all the difference.  Hugh took the time to understand exactly what we wanted so we were confident that we’d invested in the right product. To follow it up, their after-sales support is second to none.  They’ve assisted with set up and training, making sure all staff are fully confident in how to use the machine to get the best output.”

So, impressive production capabilities, automated processing, extraordinary output quality and excellent support – you’d be forgiven for thinking that it must come with a hefty price tag…

Well, the good news is that, because we’re Xerox premier partners, we were able to negotiate directly with Xerox to secure a tailored print package which enabled a huge step up in capability without a proportional increase in costs.

Everyone’s a Winner!

Accent are thrilled with their new acquisition, their customers are thrilled with the improved range of in-house products, fast turnaround and top-quality print, and we’re thrilled to have installed one of Xerox’s ground-breaking new machines right here in our home town.  Who says we can’t all be winners?!

“I’m really pleased to have been able to help Accent acquire this impressive printer upgrade and I know that, already, they’re seeing the benefits in terms of improved turnaround time, increased automation and the extended product range that it enables them to offer in-house.  Combined with their 530s Matrix laminator they really have a winning combo!” says Hugh.

Rhydian Pile and Hugh Sutherland shaking hands

Accent’s Managing Director, Rhydian Pile (left), with DNS Managed Services Consultant, Hugh Sutherland.

Could your business benefit from an upgrade?  Don’t hold back because you’re worried about costs; you’ll be amazed at what we can do!  Speak to one of our consultants for honest, expert advice and realistic pricing – they may even be able to save you money!  0845 034 0895