Experience the office of the future

Efficient, reliable and cost effective – isn’t that what every office strives to be?

Well, it’s not only possible but it’s here, at Pride Park in Derby, waiting to be seen and experienced.

Using cutting-edge document management, workflow, and printing technology, we have created our very own Derby-based Innovation Centre, based on Xerox’s European Innovation Centre in Uxbridge, showcasing the very best in office and print solutions.

The Innovation Centre really is something to behold. The interactive boardroom table with its touchscreen technology, the seamless document management, the superfast high quality print – it all feels more like a scene from a Bond movie than an office. However, unlike Bond’s fancy gadgetry, each piece of equipment or software has a practical office function that helps to make day-to-day tasks including scanning, archiving, printing and document sharing easier to perform, minimising downtime and ultimately increasing productivity.

The best thing is – the new technology doesn’t cost the earth. In fact, it has been proven to actually reduce running costs by maximising efficiency and through our proactive consumable supply and maintenance.

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WU744nV5u78″ height=”320″ autohide=”no” showinfo=”no” rel=”no” theme=”light”]Managing Director, Darren Marsh, explains “We’re very different from other suppliers, as the Innovation Centre demonstrates. It’s certainly not a photocopier showroom! We’re fortunate to be working directly with global industry leaders and, through the Innovation Centre, we can offer customers the opportunity to experience first-hand the systems we supply and understand exactly how they can be implemented.”

Arrange a visit to our Innovation Centre to experience the office of the future and for a demonstration of the latest award winning technology, solutions and managed services that we offer.


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