Managed Print Services (MPS) can help your business make huge cost savings – reducing the amount of documents you print and cutting down the number of printers required within your business.

Here are 8 ways in which MPS can add value to your business whilst helping you to reduce costs by up to 30%:

1. Simplify and automate your print operations

Managed Print Services can deliver on-going value to your business. Selecting an MPS provider who offers a comprehensive service across all of the print capabilities and software solutions that your business utilises will deliver a holistic, simple solution to your needs – eliminating the need to work with multiple providers.

2. Drive transformation across business functions

Managed Print Services can radically transform your business, delivering drastic improvements to the productivity and efficiency of your team – allowing them to focus more time on their job roles and less time collecting documents from office printers.

Your team can print documents throughout the day and release them from the printer only when they are ready to collect them – which not only saves time, but also means less wastage from unclaimed print.

3. Use your IT department more efficiently

Your IT department is no doubt full of highly skilled professionals who deliver brilliant technical support to your business – but they may feel undervalued, bogged down and demotivated when they’re asked to resolve simple print related problems.

As part of a Managed Print Service, experienced Network Analysts and Support Consultants can help your IT team to resolve any technical issues in a timely manner – before there is any impact on your business.

Do you currently have an awareness of your print volumes and how much you might be spending?

If not, you’re not alone – many businesses have no insight into their print activity. MPS provides real-time visibility, meaning that you can analyse print operations and costs across your entire print fleet and identify where savings might be made – helping your business to reduce costs and increase profits.

5. Make data-driven decisions

The data collected by your Managed Print Service provider can demonstrate the value of your investment in managed print.

Your MPS provider will be able to analyse data related to your print operations to highlight inefficiencies and recommended areas for improvement – such as opportunities to automate processes, increase efficiency or reduce costs. This data helps you to make decisions based on fact – ensuring that your business remains competitive and future-focused.

6. Optimise resources

Managed Print Services help you to take a proactive approach towards your print activity by providing a full view across all of the printersmultifunction printers and copiers within your business.

This can provide insight into the rate that consumables, such as toner and paper, are depleted. Empowered with this information, it’s simple to identify how efficiencies can be made – for example promoting black and white printing rather than colour wherever possible.

7. Minimise security risks and data breaches

Data breaches and security issues can be hugely detrimental to a business in terms of costs, pressure, time and resources – especially since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect.

MPS providers can help to reduce the risks to your business via secure print release, meaning that documents are only released with a user’s PIN or ID card – so confidential documents always remain private and can only be retrieved by the person that prints them.

8. Helps towards your sustainability goals

Sustainability is now an essential component within the operation of any business and Managed Print Services can help you to achieve your environmental goals in a number of ways.

You can:

In summary, to find the best provider for your business you should ensure that they have experienced, accredited experts who can be on hand whenever you need advice or support – no matter how big or small your requirements. If you feel reassured and confident in their approach, then you’ve found the right provider.