Reduce Costs, Increase Productivity and Improve Document Security.

Equitrac print management software helps companies gain control and management of their printing to reduce costs, increase document security and enable sustainability programs. Equitrac delivers these benefits by automatically enforcing printing rules, authenticating users and accurately identifying and allocating document costs.

Secure Printing

Eliminate the risk of private information being left at print devices by allowing users to flexibly print from anywhere, anytime and pick up the documents when and where they want.

Intelligent Insights & Complete Accountability

Full control and measurement of all print activity encourages responsible behaviour and creates a unified view of device usage that helps to identify and implement cost savings initiatives whilst ensuring printing is done responsibly, securely and within policy.

Decrease Costs & Reduce Waste

Minimize cost-per-page, reduce overall output volumes and deploy printing in the most efficient way possible by letting users select or delete print jobs from a secure queue, whenever and wherever they need it, whilst applying rules to reduce print costs and waste.

Reduce IT Burden

Prevent IT help desk calls resulting from printer selection and print driver configuration issues, whilst reducing the complexity of managing multiple print devices, with the convenience of a single print management application that allow users to print without worrying about print servers, compatible print drivers or whether the printer is ready.

Improve Productivity & Increase MFP Value

Advanced print, copy and scan features, accessed through a single interface at the MFP, empower users with options to print only what they need and scan when they can, whilst helping eliminate all non-essential paper in your organisation.

Industry Editions

Understanding that different industries have different needs, Equitrac offers a range of product editions and offers intelligent print management software for any business, whilst addressing common printing concerns every organisation must deal with: security, cost containment and overtaxed IT staff.

Equitrac Print Management & Managed Print Services: A Winning Combination

Equitrac Office delivers critical benefits by helping you:

  • Track print, copy and scan activity company-wide

  • Allocate document costs to a department/office

  • Set and enforce print/copy quotas to prevent output waste

  • Make printing convenient and secure

  • Redirect print jobs to more cost-effective devices

  • Create useful reports

I-Queue and Hybrid Print Control

MPS provides a way for organizations to regain control over complex and unmanaged printers, copiers and multi function devices and significantly reduce printing costs. Beginning with an assessment of current print volumes, MPS can help to optimize the fleet and replace previously unknown print costs with a predictable, all-inclusive cost-per-page. With Equitrac integrated into its MPS engagement, an organization can gain a complete picture of its current print activity and better match devices to actual user requirements. Equitrac can deliver significant results: the streamlining of business processes and the change in user behavior that result in more responsible printing. This is what leads to long-term, sustainable productivity improvements and cost reductions.

If you’re interested in any of our solutions, and want to know how they can work for you and your business, please do get in touch. We’d be happy to setup a demonstration and help you see a fast ROI.

Discover how Equitrac can help you to take control of printing in your business.

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