Have you heard the latest news?

Yes, I’m going to talk about the future of 3d printing again. Do I need to apologise for going on about this amazing printing technology? I don’t think so. It’s so exciting. Life is literally changing before our eyes.

Have you heard of a lady called Meryl Richards?

Well, after a car accident in 1977 Meryl had problems with her hip and had to undergo a horrendous 6 operations. However, doctors have now been able to come to the rescue thanks to the fantastic possibilities offered by 3D Printing. Using this new and wonderful printing technology they have been able to create a bespoke hip for Meryl in one of the first cases of its kind.

Surgeons scanned Meryl’s existing hip using 3D printing and created a titanium hip implant. The result was a perfect fit to the patient’s exact measurements. 3D Printing was then combined with another relatively new and radical medical technology as stem cells were used to help regrow new bone around the implant.

Doctors hailed the operation as a “game changer”. You don’t say!

To me, this is utterly out of this world. How can you not get excited about this pioneering technology?

I’ve also recently read about a man who had his face reconstructed after a bike accident using 3D printing. The Mirror, always quick to come up with a witty and pun-filled headline, called it “ink-credible”.

Just think about it. The technology now exists to produce body parts from a printer. A 3d printer.

Is this mind blowing stuff or what?

In my opinion yes, yes it is. How limitless are the possibilities? Can we print a brain yet?

Not to my knowledge, not quite, not yet… or can we…?

Maybe it’s only a matter of time!

And in the meantime, you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to appreciate that DNS have all the printing and photocopying technology that you need to ensure that your office or work space is up-to-date and ahead of the game. So for more information on managed print services make sure you drop us a line.

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